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75008 Paris

Founded in 2004 by Eric Teynier and Pierre Pic, Teynier Pic is the first independent boutique firm dedicated to international and domestic dispute resolution in France. Our firm focuses on dispute resolution and offers a full range of services, from the prevention of disputes to the enforcement and setting aside of court decisions and arbitration awards, through to the conduct of arbitral and court proceedings, which is the core of our practice.

Our firm is recognised as one of the major players in litigation and arbitration, and acts for a wide variety of clients, whom we assist in their complex and sensitive cases.

We assist in the resolution of disputes on every continent. The vast majority of our cases involve cross-border issues. Our team is composed of lawyers with international backgrounds and profiles.

Historically based in Paris, we also are present in other major arbitration centres, such as London, New York, Dubai and Beirut, through strategic alliances with Griffin Litigation (based in London and New York), Nassif Arbitration (based in Dubai) and Rifaat Associates – Lawyers & Legal Consultants (based in Beirut).

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