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We provide Expert Witness services to the global engineering and construction industry; supporting the legal profession in Arbitration, Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Wherever you are in the world, no matter what the sector or size of the dispute, we have the expertise. If you are looking for an Expert Witness in Delay Analysis, a Technical discipline or Quantum ; the Diales team will provide the right candidate, with an excellent reputation, and track record.

Delay analysis is among the most frequently debated disciplines provided by Expert Witnesses. There are a myriad of techniques, and a wide range of software, that can be used as tools to calculate the ‘answer’.
With over 40 identified methods of analysis, in combination methodologies such as the Windows technique, Diales’ mission is to demystify the process. Our experts find ways of presenting these complex arguments in a manner that is simple to understand and robust enough to withstand challenge.

Diales can provide experts across various technical disciplines ensuring a pre-requisite level and quality of industry experience. Our skills ensure delivery of concise reports that explain complex technical interactions in a clear and unambiguous manner : Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering, Infrastructure, Construction, Contract Administration.
Our technical team are instructed on high profile international projects, investigating defects, interrogating documentation and identifying compliance breaches. We are happy to engage in early discussions to provide an independent view on the merits of any potential action and of any remedial works proposed or already undertaken. Diales can also deliver in-house training for solicitors and counsels, or support for your outward-facing seminars, on current technical issues, design and build contracting, design co-ordination, and BIM integration
Our services to the global engineering and construction industry includes the following sectors : Building, Energy, Mining, Process and Industrial, Shipbuilding and Marine, Transport and infrastructure, Oil& Gas,

Quantum experts are key in developing soundly reasoned and evidenced reports that can be essential in delivering the desired financial outcome to a dispute or hearing.
Our team have an exceptional track record in delivery of a detailed practical approach in order to achieve the best results, and respond to the challenges associated with tracking processes and vast quantities of data.
Our experts lecture widely in quantum matters such as: methods of measurement; how to evaluate delay, disruption; and valuing work under various forms of contract. Some of our experts are published authors on their subject matter.
Within the Diales expert profiles you will find unrivalled expertise in the NEC3 form of contract; the FIDIC suite; JCT; and a selection of other forms. You will also find forensic accounting skills, honed over years of auditing project records.

Getting the right expert is an essential appointment. Wherever you are in the world, no matter what the sector or size of the dispute, we have the expertise.

Key Contacts : Marine Maffre Maucour & Antoine Clouet, Operations Directors France

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