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45 rue de Tocqueville
75017 Paris

Founded in 2009, ADVANT Altana is an independent law firm with 24 partners and 85 lawyers, and is one of the leading business law firms in France. It offers top-level expertise on both advisory and litigation matters to its clients.

ADVANT Altana is highly regarded for its:

. Technical and strategic expertise in advice and litigation with deep understanding of clients’ constraints, activities and cultures.
. Global view of markets, institutions and administrations, providing with new perspectives and insights.
. True collaborative approach to working alongside clients and partners, through specialised and transversal teams.
. Particular know-how on complex issues in highly regulated sectors such as health and life sciences, insurance and banking, construction, TMT and renewable energy
. Strong emphasis on adding value to clients’ activities and projects.

ADVANT Altana is a member of ADVANT – a European law firm association which is uniquely positioned to give clients the advantage as they navigate the complex and nuanced legal and commercial landscape of Europe. ADVANT member firms are leading legal and tax advisors in their respective jurisdictions. ADVANT is one of the largest European legal advisors. Our combined team is comprised of more than 600 professionals, including more than 145 equity partners in 14 locations across Europe and around the world. The association was established in 2021 by three founding member firms – Altana in France, Beiten Burkhardt in Germany, and Nctm in Italy.

ADVANT Altana is an active member of numerous influential legal and industry associations around the world, including the International Bar Association (IBA), l’Union International des Avocats (UIA), International Trademark Association (INTA), the American Bar Association (ABA) and INSOL International. In addition, the firm is a founding member of LCLIA, an international alliance dedicated to the construction sector.